Haji Sabir Ali


The feeling of love is the most wonderful feeling of life I ever had. If human being is the most beautiful creation of the Almighty, then love is the most sensitive feeling that has ever created by The Supreme. Love gives immense pleasant to our heart and soul. Love happens only once in a lifetime […]

Wazifa To Attract Someone

With the name of the Supreme Power, I am writing my article. “Attraction“, what it means? For different content the meaning of attraction is different. Like for human being point of view, attraction makes one sense, for party point of view it means something else and in case of food some other meaning like that. […]

Powerful Taweez For Love Back

We know that we do marriage once time at a life so why we cannot do love marriage whereby we can spent our life with happily and joyful moments. Love is great feeling because when we do love someone then we feel very rich for that person. Without love we cannot live one minute with […]

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