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Marriage is the relation made in paradise. This relation associates not only two persons who are going to marry each other but also it builds a relationship between two families also. So the wedding is a very significant decision in every person’s life. Hence this decision is an important decision of our life. One wrong decision will spoil your whole life. So this decision is made by us as well as our family. As marriage is an important as well as love is also important in our life. When two persons having a love relationship for years and years they have a dream to marry each other and want to live together forever. In my view, if you are committed each other then you have to marry each other. You both have to stand by each other in any problem. But before there are many problems arises between this couple. They are agreeing to marry each other. But now it’s the turn of their parents. In Islam in a marriage decision parent plays an important role.

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Marriage in Islam mostly depends on parents’ agreement. Each parent has a wish that their son or daughter will marry a person whom they will select. They want to see their children happy in whole life. It is also true they will not take a wrong decision for their children. So when they come to know that their son or daughter wants to marry on his own choice they cannot accept it immediately. Hence difference arises. More often parent never supports love marriage. They always want their child to do arrange marriage. In some religion, it is always very difficult that “how to convince your parent for love marriage in Islam”. In Islam, love marriage is entirely prohibited. Islam shows us to be trustworthy and factual. Male and female can maintain a decent relationship after marriage. Islam defines strict guidelines for male and female cooperation. So when there is love between a guy and girl of Islam then the problem arises in convincing their parent. If you are also a victim of this situation then there are many ways to convince your parents. First of all be patient and try to make them convinced and understand the situation. If still they are not agreed then take the help of Islamic dua and wazifa to get control over this thing. Because in Islam dua, wazifa, amal, and tawez are allowed.
Dua and wazifa are the best solutions for any kind of problem. According to Quran-E-Pak, there is duas and wazifas for every problem. When the problems are not solved by human beings then beg your hands before Allah. He will listen to you and makes the impossible to possible. When you tried all methods to convince your parents and at last they do not agree then take your step to the Almighty. You should seek help from the Supreme. There is Dua to convince your parents in Islam to fight against this kind of situation. This Dua to convince your parent will help you in converting your parents’ thoughts. They will try to understand your problem and change their mind towards love marriage and will agree to your relationship with him/her.
There is wazifa to convince parents for love marriage also. You have to recite this wazifa to convince parents for love marriage for few days and you will experience the changes in your parents’ behavior towards your relationship. But the thing is it will be difficult for you to recite the wazifa in a proper way. If you could not do it properly then it will not be fruitful for you. So it is better to choose a person who has been doing it for a long time so that you can get your desired result. Our Mulvi Ji is an expert in performing wazifa and dua for people. He has been doing this for more than ten years. People across the world coming to him for the solutions of their problems. He makes dua for them and they overcome their troubles. You can see the magic in his sparkling eyes. Once you met him then you can realize that he is the one whom God has sent this world to solve problems. He can tell you your problems by seeing you; you need not have to explain him. If you also want to get relief from your problem and wish to marry your beloved one with your parent’s agreement then call us today and fix an appointment. The solutions to all your problems are here. So be fast to tell us.
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Our creator is the One on whose command everything relies upon, believe in Almighty, the most powerful and fulfill the above condition, In Sha Allah, very soon our wazifa, dua and amal will work for you as well, Ameen!

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