Haji Sabir Ali

Allah KO razi karne Ki Dua

Allah doesn’t ought to convert some additional, simply to stay you clear your mind and take under consideration any quite discrimination isn’t serving to one another ne’er to come back, we tend to all forget the day of his Swarth within the happiness of others and can be enclosed and so live for others, Supreme Being Tllah ne’er offend your life can continuously be filled with happiness, not somebody heart, we tend to mustn’t ever Dukna, work over within the heart of Supreme Being Tllah his home life is made. And don’t disturb any of his weakness, however ought to facilitate her in each approach. Whenever a body needn’t provide any injury, since every individual animals, animal Nrgiv, planting trees, all told this, however the Supreme Being particle is Tllah Wash. you are doing nothing to please Supreme Being, as you go pilgrimage feet keep abstinence, the sanctuary provide sheet, prayers five times each day and leave the name of Supreme Being Aesehi any job. as a result of you recognize that Supreme Being is happy with this factor. folks that ar engaged within the service of Supreme Being. however this thinking is completely wrong for you.

ALLAH created the globe. Then Supreme Being created the globe, however i believed i might make love, then he did -judo body and so created folks, however he created a blunder and therefore the man WHO gave the globe 2 members of the abdomen and therefore the heart is name. The food given to the abdomen hunger. Which human happiness and pain in your life once Supreme Being gave refuge to assist you produce the Surrey Inshan ar happy to assist others in order that this Supreme Being has created the world’s attention? folks thought they merely worship Supreme Being created United States to possess, however it’s not. The brand created for themselves even for a second, well she is Tllah Supreme Being created United States in order that he’s therefore powerful V. He will keep himself centered. Rather it’s that you just beware of your brand. However supported their actions to assist. Therefore we must always impart them. We tend to created his own and have become a servant of the globe is ill-adapted to strike.

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