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The wedding is a very important ceremony in every human being’s life. Whether it is by your choice or by your parents’ choice it always plays an important part in every person’s life. It is a new phase of your life. Husband and wife both should be equally dedicated to the relation. To ride the bicycle of life they both play significant roles. They both are like two wheels of the bicycle. If one gets damaged for any of the causes then the bicycle cannot be ridden. To maintain the relationship they both have to follow a balanced life, so that life’s bicycle will move on its way. The responsibility of a relationship is always thrown on the head of a woman. In this male-dominated society always an woman is neglected all the time. For a bad relationship, this society always blames a lady more than a man.

  • Sohar ko kabu karne ki dua
  • husband to listen your words
  • shohar ko kabu karne ka tarika

To all those ladies who are suffering from this same problem, I want to ask a question. “Is this really the fault of a woman in a bad relationship?” I will say no, not at all. The husband is equally responsible for that. When a girl gets married she has a lot of dreams. She came to her in-law’s house with so many hopes and fear also how will be her new life. All she trusts and depends upon the only man is her husband called Sohar. But all girls are not lucky enough to get a cooperative husband who loves and cares for them. There are husbands who even do not listen to the wife’s words. They think that in a married relationship husband is one and all and he can do whatever he wants. They did not give respect to their lady. They put them in the house as a show piece to show the people that she is his wife. He treats her like any other things in the house. Never cares and loves her. Always shouts at her and shows anger to her.
If you are also suffering from these problems in your marital life then there is Sohar ko kabu karne ki dua for you. A good woman tries everything to be with her husband. She behaves nicely to her sohar. She cares for him. Obeys each and every word told by him. She respects him, does not let him down in any condition. But after trying all these things if your husband does not change and behaves the same way then what you can do as a human being. At last, you are fed up with his rude behavior and then there is one thing happens that you will leave that man for your peace. But this is not the solution. The Almighty gives us problems and he also gives us the solution as well. In this case, you seek help from the supreme power. This can only be solved by duas. Sohar ko kabu karne ki dua is also legal in Islam to help the ladies who are tortured by their husbands day and night. Sohar ko kabu karne ki dua will keep control on your husband’s mind and body. It will decrease their angriness on you and keep calm inside. Our Molvi ji will let you know how to solve your problems. He will tell you shohar ko kabu karne ka tarika. For all these services you have to contact us so that you can help you and recite sohar ko kabu karne ki dua for you.
Even in my life I have seen many cases that husband and wife are dedicated to each other. But the husband has some bad hobbits of smoking and drinking which is dangerous for him in further life. After you have done so many things to take him away from these bad hobbits but he cannot leave that. So as a dedicated wife it’s your duty to show him the right way. If he does not listen to your words in this matter then you have the right to take the help of husband ko kabu karne ki dua. This dua will make your husband to listen your words. When we recite husband ko kabu karne ki dua for your husband then you can see the changes in your husband’s attitude. You will be surprised to see him like this. He will leave those hobbits permanently. We make all these duas and wazifas for your happy life only. When we dua for somebody Allah directly listens to our prayers.

We have solved many problems like this for years and years. People have been benefitted from our duas and wazifas. Like this for any issue in life like love problem, marriage problem, husband-wife relation problem you can share with us. shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa, shohar ko kabu karne ka taweez, husband ko kabu karne ka wazifa, shohar ko razi karne ki dua, shohar ko manane ki dua, islamic dua.

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